Rewarding feedback from our satisfied clients

Immigration Attorney Margaret Miller has received stunning feedback and wonderful reviews from clients about their successful cases she handled.

Her 10 years experience got my case approved!

This lawyer is the best you can possibly hire. Do not even hesitate…there is no one better. She saved my case and without her help, I would not have been granted. Before I found her, I filled my case with too many inconsistencies at the SF Asylum office. Initially, it was rejected. Looked for a law firm in SF and found one (not this lawyer) Worked with the other law firm six months, resubmitted my case it was rejected for the second time. Being new in the country and not knowing how the system works can be a huge hurdle. Talked to many people and lawyers, finally, this attorney was recommended. I had a good feeling about her from the get-go knowing of her 10 years’ experience in the SF asylum office.

We met a couple of times where I discussed my case. Cut it short, we filled the case and it was accepted for review and my asylum case was APPROVED. It took me 4-5 years to find this attorney and with her help, my case got finally approved. I am very grateful to her. If you have a case pending in the SF asylum office or looking to file your case, contact this attorney. She has no match and her fee is not that high too considering the quality of work she does. She put tons of time into my case. She was really dedicated. I know of other people who have also worked with her who told me the same. Highly recommended.


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