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Margaret Miller, experienced and dedicated Bay Area Immigration Lawyer

The law office of Margaret Miller is dedicated to providing quality Immigration law representation to individuals and families from around the world. The managing Immigration Attorney, Margaret Miller, is a former Immigration Officer / former Asylum Officer with nearly 10 years of experience working inside U.S. Immigration – INS / now USCIS. Immigration Attorney Margaret Miller is highly experienced in working with and inside of the U.S. affirmative asylum system.

When you become a client of the firm, you will realize the attention to detail and care that goes into every immigration and asylum case. Respectful, professional and compassionate treatment of our clients is of the utmost importance. From start to finish, your case is handled by an attorney / lawyer dedicated to the practice of immigration law. Our law firm handles a variety of immigration matters with a focus on asylum, family-based green card petitions (permanent residency), marriage based immigration cases and citizenship / naturalization as well as other remedies.

Our law firm is dedicated to providing our experienced legal counsel to the entire San Francisco Bay Area and to clients all over the United States. By dedicating our efforts to the life changing goals of our clients, our law office has a longstanding record of client satisfaction that sets our law firm apart from others. Immigration Attorney Margaret Miller, our Managing Attorney and asylum lawyer, has developed a strong reputation amongst clients and Immigration professionals alike. As a former Asylum Officer for U.S. Immigration (INS / now USCIS) in the San Francisco Asylum Office, she is highly skilled at handling asylum cases including political asylum, religious asylum, and other sensitive asylum cases.

We have the skill to navigate the complex immigration system with positive client case outcomes as a testament. When you retain our law firm, you can expect a detailed description of what to expect as we diligently work to achieve your immigration goal. The outcomes of an immigration case can have life changing impacts on our clients. Our skill and knowledge allow us to use every law, fact and item of evidence to move the case along in support of our clients’ case. Immigration issues can be overwhelming and for many clients, the decision to turn their immigration problem over to an experienced attorney saves them both time and money, and allows them to achieve the results that they desired.

Immigration Attorney Margaret Miller represents clients in the entire United States and in California including San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Fremont, Sacramento, Fresno and all other cities and states.

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Rewarding feedback from our satisfied clients

Wonderful Attorney!

I hired her and she has got me my very complicated Asylum Approved and she is very knowledgeable and extremely experienced and professional.  She really did her best and got my case Approved and I would recommend her to everyone I know. Really thank you for your efforts.

Ahmad A.

Very kind lawyer!

Margaret represented me in my asylum case and I was granted very fast. She actually knew everything about asylum and got me ready for my interview. She spent a long time interviewing me and a lot of time getting reports about my country. She treats you like you are a real member of her family and it obvious that she cares. This is hard to find in a lawyer these days. If you care about your case and your life, hire this lawyer.


She’s very professional in her dealings and very kind!

I consulted attorney Margaret regarding my asylum case, she provided poignant answers that covered my concerns. She possesses a great deal of information about asylum since she was an officer herself. She very professional in her dealings and very kind!

Saba K.

Testimonials do not predict the outcome of any individual case.  Asylum law is ever evolving and a confidential consultation is needed to determine the strength of an individual’s case.