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Immigration Attorney Margaret Miller is highly experienced in handling citizenship and naturalization cases.

Applying for citizenship / naturalization can be a complex process with many possible missteps. Applicants for citizenship have applied only to learn that they did not qualify, wasting money and, in some cases, putting their green card status at risk. Even for those who do qualify, some who apply without the help of an experienced attorney, have their cases denied or rejected.

Why do I need a citizenship lawyer?

It is important to have your naturalization case analyzed by an Immigration Lawyer in a private, confidential setting. There are many possible reasons why a person would not qualify for naturalization and these need to be weeded out before the decision to apply for naturalization is made. The form N-400, the application for naturalization, asks many qualifying questions. We have met many applicants who prepared this form on their own and filed on their own only to realize that they gave inaccurate answers to questions. There is a trend during naturalization interviews for the officer to ask for more detail on certain issues such as your past political membership. The answers are then typed up by the officer for the applicant to sign and sometimes this statement typed by the officer during the interview is inaccurate.

In a recent naturalization interview, Immigration Attorney Margaret Miller had to politely intervene when the client was asked to sign an inaccurate statement. She was successful in having the naturalization officer change the statement so that it was accurate. (The client said that he had “fought for his people’s rights.” The Officer wrote that the client had been in combat although the client had actually fought with words.) If the statement had been signed by the client as it was, the client could have been denied. This is an example of a client who clearly qualified for citizenship but who would have made a terrible mistake in signing an inaccurate statement if he had not had Immigration Lawyer Margaret Miller by his side.

Even if you clearly qualify, having a skilled Naturalization Lawyer / Citizenship Lawyer prepare your naturalization application can be the difference between being appropriately granted or wrongly denied. Call Naturalization Attorney Margaret Miller for a consultation today.

Citizenship Attorney Margaret Miller represents clients in the entire United States and in California including San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Fremont, Sacramento and all other cities and states.

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