Asylee / Refugee Green Card

Asylees may apply for permanent residency (Green Card) one year after being granted asylum. Asylees must have one year of physical presence as an asylee in the United States when they file their Green Card / Adjustment of Status application. Not all Asylee Adjustment Applications require an interview. There is the possibility of being selected for an interview and this chance is increased if there are problems in your application. For this reason, we strongly recommend that your Asylee Adjustment Application be prepared by an experienced immigration attorney. Call Immigration Lawyer Margaret Miller for a consultation on your case.

Refugees must apply for Permanent Residency one year after arriving in the United States. Refugees must have one year of physical presence in the United States at the time they file the application.

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Margaret represented me in my asylum case and I was granted very fast. She actually knew everything about asylum and got me ready for my interview. She spent a long time interviewing me and a lot of time getting reports about my country. She treats you like you are a real member of her family and it obvious that she cares. This is hard to find in a lawyer these days. If you care about your case and your life, hire this lawyer.


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I consulted attorney Margaret regarding my asylum case, she provided poignant answers that covered my concerns. She possesses a great deal of information about asylum since she was an officer herself. She very professional in her dealings and very kind!

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She is the best Attorney ever and I hired her and she has got me my very complicated Asylum Approved and she is very knowledgeable and extremely experienced and professional.  She really did her best and got my case Approved and I would recommend her to everyone I know. Really thank you for your efforts.

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